Riis Seier Project becomes Virtu Cycling Group

Riis Seier Project is renamed Virtu Cycling Group. This is to ensure a clear common thread in all the group’s activities going forward. At the same time, businessman Jan Bech Andersen enters into the group of owners. 

It all started as a project built on the ideas, thoughts and visions of Bjarne Riis and Lars Seier Christensen. 

Today, the group is made up by more than a handful of companies and brands, all rooted in bicycle-related activities. And at the same time, the circle of owners now also includes businessman Jan Bech Andersen.
Therefore, the management of the Riis Seier Project has brought into effect a name change to Virtu Cycling Group, which will see “Virtu” incorporated into all of the group’s businesses.

– We are no longer “just” a project or a few loose ideas and visions. We are a dynamic group of companies based on cycling-related activities and a workplace which continues to evolve and grow. Therefore, we need a strong common foundation and for all our companies to signal a sense of belonging with the group, owner and founder Bjarne Riis remarks about the name change.

Jan Bech Andersen becomes a co-owner

– It is also hugely encouraging that we have been able to bring in Jan Bech Andersen as an owner and investor in the group. It certainly helps strengthen us and further speed up the development we are going through. Therefore, we have wanted a name which better explains who we are and what we stand for. We believe to have achieved this with the Virtu Cycling Group name, Bjarne Riis elaborates.
Today, Virtu Cycling Group encompasses Denmark’s largest corporate and cycling network, the Virtu Business Club, the Virtu Travel travel agency, the Virtu Go virtual training platform, the VirtuPro stationary bike and the Villa Pacini cycling hotel in Tuscany (Virtu Villas). In addition, the group owns and operates two cycling teams – a continental team and a World Tour team for women, Team Virtu Cycling.

The many synergies between the companies have been a key driver for Jan Bech Andersen’s entry into the circle of owners.

– Cycling and the sport of cycling is a great passion of mine. Therefore, I have followed the group’s development with great interest, and believe that Bjarne Riis and Lars Seier Christensen have established a very exciting platform revolving around cycling activities. It makes so much sense to look at the coupling of health, training, community and experiences in the saddle when you see how many Danes commute to work every day or wear down our main roads as fitness cyclists. That is why I wanted to join the project and help develop and take it forward, Jan Bech Andersen says.

Form, personal space and community

The name change to Virtu Cycling Group also emphasises a more value-based approach to the market for bicycle-related activities.
– With the name change, we get a clear common thread in our activities. Virtu signals that the business of quite a few of our companies is rooted in the virtual space. Virtu also stands for virtues and our value-based approach to the market. In the busy and often stressful lives of the many, we want to help create physical well-being, a mental oasis and a network, thus improving the quality of life. Last but not least, Virtu embraces virtuosity and our attachment to the professional cycling world which permeates everything we do, director of Virtu Cycling Group, Nicolai Jørgensen, explains.

The name change will be implemented for all group companies with immediate effect.