Michael Carbel enters the World Tour with NTT Pro Cycling

Michael Carbel enters the World Tour with NTT Pro Cycling

24-year-old Michael Carbel joins NTT Pro Cycling this season. After different seasons on the second-highest level, Carbel is now ready to enter the premier men’s elite road cycling tour, when he joins the South African World Tour team.

Michael Carbel’s cycling career began in his hometown cycling club, Horsens Amatør Cykelklub, in 2006. As a junior rider, Michael Carbel already showed his huge talent, when he won the Danish national championship in road race in 2013, and just the year after he could claim the silver medal in the elite race.

Michael Carbel became a part of Virtu Cycling’s continental team, VéloCONCEPT, in 2017. Michael Carbel showed incredible strength during the season, which culminated in winning the national U23 road race championship in June and sprinting to a bronze medal at the U23 World Championship in Norway in September.

The bronze medal secured Carbel yet another try at the next level in cycling, when he joined the French pro-continental team, Fortuneo-Samsic, in 2018. But when the opportunity to take another step up for the 2019-season did not present itself, Carbel returned home and joined Virtu Cycling’s continental team, Team Waoo, once again. His confident punch secured him multiple victories. These results have now made it possible for him to join Virtu Cycling in becoming a part of the World Tour with NTT Pro Cycling.

For Michael Carbel this opportunity is a dream come true.

“I am extremely happy for this opportunity, and I am excited to get it all started. I am currently on my way to the first training camp with the team, and I will definitely be filled with a lot of new impressions in the near future. I am ready to take it all in”.

With Carbel joining NTT Pro Cycling, Denmark is now represented with 22 riders on the World Tour. We are proud to once again deliver Danish talents to the World Tour. Carbel will be joining the two Danish riders Michael Valgren and Andreas Stokbro at NTT Pro Cycling.