Frederik Nybo Eriksen joins NTT Continental Cycling Team

19-year-old, Frederik Nybo Eriksen, joins NTT Pro Cycling’s development team, NTT Continental Cycling Team for the 2020-season.

Frederik Nybo Eriksen was a strong talent during his junior days, but for the past couple of years, he has been struggling with diseases and injuries. In his final year as a junior rider in 2018, Eriksen dealt with an autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s Thyreoiditis, which gradually destroys the thyroid gland. His illness got under control and in the fall of 2018, Eriksen won the French junior stage race, Les Boucles de l’Oise.

He then joined Virtu Cycling’s continental team, Team Waoo, but his debut as a senior rider was delayed due to an injury. Eriksen was diagnosed with an iliac artery problem, which made him unable to race during the 2019-season. Eriksen went through a successful surgery in the fall of 2019 and is now fully recovered and ready for race again.

For Frederik Nybo Eriksen this opportunity means the world.

“This contract means everything to me. It has given me the opportunity to put my diseases and injuries behind me and now I can focus on the future. Furthermore, it an incredible opportunity for me to join a well-structured and professional organisation, where I am certain I’ll get the chance to shine as a rider and an individual”.

Frederik Nybo Eriksen is looking forward to an injury-free season and hopes to develop as a rider.

“It is difficult for me to put my expectations for the season into words, because I didn’t race at all last year. But I definitely expect to develop as a rider. Especially, I think that moving to Lucca will be good for me”.