About us

About us

Virtu Cycling Group (VCG) is a Group consisting of brands and companies that has their roots in cycling and cycling based activities.

The Group includes one of Denmark’s largest business and cycling networks, Virtu Business Club, a travel agency, Virtu Travel, and cycling clothing and gear shop, Virtu Cycling Gear, as well as an exclusive villa in Toscany, Villa Pacini.

Virtu Cycling Group have entered into partnership with NTT Pro Cycling, which is a World Tour team with access to the world’s biggest races. Hereby it is possible to create a link to the other brands and companies in Virtu Cycling Group. This will create unique cycling experiences that improve the human physical, mental and social well-being.

The owners of Virtu Cycling Group are Bjarne Riis, Lars Seier Christensen and Jan Bech Andersen.


Virtu Cycling Group A/S
Lautruphøj 5
DK – 2750 Ballerup
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